Leaving Shanghai

All About Shanghai
Chapter 17 - Leaving Shanghai

WHERE next?
To the traveller, Shanghai offers a unique advantage; the entire world, literally, is open for his selection. He can go to Europe by going West, or he can go to Europe by going East, with distances, time, and cost showing but slight variation. It may be an exaggeration to call Shanghai the "centre of the world" but it looks very much like it on a travel map.
Most Occidentals will recall a youthful legend: "Dig a hole through the earth and you will come out in China." With equal aptness it may be said, "Start out from China and go anywhere you like, in almost any direction." Transportation facilities to any other place in the world are readily available in Shanghai.
Go East or West. A trip to Europe may he made to the West by sea through the Suez Canal or by train through Siberia and Russia; to the East by sea across the Pacific Ocean, overland across the United States or Canada and across the Atlantic, or entirely by sea through the Panama Canal. One can go to London by travelling either West or East; one can go to New York by travelling either East OR West.
Perhaps the world is round after all.
Travelling by sea to the East, Japan and the Hawaiian Islands are on the schedules of most of the liners bound for the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada while ships for Europe going West via the Suez Canal usually call (with some exceptions) at Hongkong, Manila, Saigon, Singapore, Malacca, Penang, Colombo, Aden, Port Said, Naples, Marseilles, Gibraltar, and London. All travel agencies and steamship offices can give detailed advices as to ports of call offered by different services.
Steamship Services to Europe. Herewith are listed some of the services available from Shanghai:
Blue Funnel Line (Butterfield and Swire): Shanghai to London, five weeks; three sailings per month via Hongkong, Singapore, Penang, Colombo, Port Said; first class +88, second class +68-64.
Hamburg-Amerika Line, 20 Canton Road: Shanghai to Hamburg, 35 days by boat to Genoa, 30 hours by train to Hamburg; monthly service via Hongkong, Manila, Straits, Colombo, Port Said, Genoa, Marseilles Barcelona, Rotterdam, Hamburg; cabin class +74.
Java-China-Japan Line, 133 Szechuen Road; main service to Dutch East Indies via Manila, and connecting services with Dutch Mails to Europe, South Africa and Australia.
Lloyd Triestino, 170 Kiangse Road (Hamilton House): Shanghai to Venice, twenty-four days; monthly service via Hongkong, Singapore, Colombo, Bombay, Port Said and Brindisi; first class to Venice +98; second class +68.
Messageries Maritimes (French Mail), 9-10 French Bund: Shanghai to Marseilles, thirty or thirty-two days; fortnightly service via Hongkong, Saigon, Singapore, Colombo, Djibouti, Port Said; first class A grade +98, B grade +94; second class +65.
Nippon Yusen Kaisha (Japanese Mail), 31 The Bund: Shanghai to London, five weeks; fortnightly service via Hongkong, Singapore, Malacca, Penang, Aden, Port Said, Naples, Marseilles, Gibraltar; first class +99, second Sa@npan class +66.
Norddeutscher Lloyd, 210 Kiukiang Road: Shanghai to Hamburg, forty-six days; monthly service via Hongkong, Manila, Singapore, Belawan, Colombo, Port Said, Genoa, Barcelona, Lisbon, Dover, Rotterdam; first class +77, intermediate class +44.
Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. (P. and O.), 17 Canton Road (Mackinnon, Mackenzie & Co.): Shanghai to Marseilles, thirty days; special P. & 0. express from Marseilles to London, twenty three hours; fortnightly service via Hongkong, Singapore, Penang, Colombo, Bombay, Aden, Port Said, Malta, Marseilles, Gibraltar. Tangier; first class to London +98, second class +68.
Dollar Steamship Line, 51 Canton Road: Around the world service, West-bound; Shanghai to New York, fifty-six days; fortnightly service via Manila, Singapore, Penang, Colombo, Bombay, Port Said, Alexandria, Naples, Genoa, Marseilles; first class +127, tourist class +82. (From New York one may complete the trip around the world back to Shanghai by way of Havana, the Panama Canal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, and Japan).
To Europe Overland. In going to Europe via Siberia one may travel by steamship to Dairen, where train connections are made for Moscow. The sea voyage requires two days and the ships call at Tsingtao. First class fare to Dairen is $900 second class $60.
Going to Europe direct by rail one must go first to Harbin, fare $144 (Mex.) from Shanghai. From Harbin to Moscow fare is U.S. $146. Twelve days are required for the trip from Shanghai to Moscow. From Moscow to Berlin will cost U.S. $22, two days; from Berlin to Paris is a day and costs U.S. $10.
To U.S.A. and Canada. Trans-Pacific services from Shanghai to the United States and Canada, whence transcontinental rail and trans-Atlantic connections to Europe may be made, are available as follows:
American Mail Line (Dollar), 51 Canton Road: fortnightly direct to Victoria (Vancouver) and Seattle via Japan, fourteen days; first class U.S. $331, second class U.S. $185.
Canadian Pacific, 4 The Bund: Shanghai to America and Canada, fortnightly service direct to Victoria and Vancouver, via Japan, 15 days; fortnightly service to Victoria and Vancouver, via Honolulu, 18 days; first class U.S. $331-356, tourist class U.S. $185-215.
Dollar Line, 51 Canton Road: Shanghai to San Francisco, fortnightly service to San Francisco via Japan and Honolulu, 15 to 17 days; first class U.S. $346-356, special class U.S. $185-215.
Nippon Yusen Kaisha, 31 The Bund: Shanghai to San Francisco via Japan and Honolulu, eighteen days; first class U.S. $356, second class U.S. $215; Shanghai to Los Angeles, 21 days; first class U.S. $356, second class U.S. $220; Shanghai to Seattle direct, via Japan, 12 days from Yokohama (fare from Shanghai to Yokohama, and hotel expenses paid by steamship company), first class U.S. $290, second class U.S. $150.
States Steamship) Co., 170 Kiangse Road, Hamilton House; service every three weeks to Pacific Coast ports via Japan, direct from Yokohama; 19 days to San Francisco, U.S. $198; 21 days to Portland, U.S. $208; one class only.
Australia and New Zealand.-Japan and Shanghai passengers for Australian-Oriental Line travel by Canadian Pacific and Dollar Line to Hongkong. Those booked for Eastern and Australian S.S. Co., Ltd., and Nippon Yusen Kaisha can also avail themselves of passage by any line to Hongkong at the steamship company's option. Passengers booked on N.Y.K. line can proceed from Shanghai to Nagasaki to join steamer instead of changing at Hongkong. The three lines each have monthly services to Sydney and Melbourne; fares from Shanghai to Sydney, connecting in Hongkong, +53 first class, +33 second class; from Shanghai via Japan first class +56, second class +35-10; from Shanghai to Melbourne, connecting at Hongkong, +54 first class, +34-5 second class; from Shanghai via Japan, first class +57-5, second class +37-5; 18 days to Australia when connecting at Hongkong, 31 days from Shanghai via Japan. Fares from Australia to New Zealand are +10 first class, +8 second class, two days.
Australian Oriental Line (Butterfield and Swire); Eastern and Australian Steamship Co., 17 Canton Road (Mackinnon, Mackenzie & Co.); Nippon Yusen Kaisha, 31 The Bund.
Coast and River Routes. Shanghai is the centre of an extremely active coastwise and river trade. Steamers depart almost daily for Canton, Swatow, Wenchow and Amoy, to the South; and for Chefoo, Tsingtao, Tientsin, Newchwang and Dairen, to the North.
The mighty Yangtsze provides a splendid waterway into Central China. Hankow is accessible by large steamers at all seasons, while smaller craft proceed many hundreds of miles farther into the interior.

Distances from Shanghai. By nautical miles from Shanghai to:

  North:       Tsingtao           400       Weihaiwei          480       Chefoo             520       Dairen             560       Newchwang          700       Tientsin           730    Korea:       Cheniulpo          503       Gensan             784    Formosa:       Tamsui             453    Japan:       Nagasaki           450         Moji-Shinionoseki  550       Kobe               760       Yokohama         1,100    South:       Niligpo            136       Wenchow            344       Fooehow            440       Amoy               600        Swatow             730       Hongkong           850      Kwangehowwan     1,080       Haiphong         1,335       Saigon           1,780    (East Indian Ports)  (Via Hongkong):       Manila           1,493       Manila (direct)  1,162       Singapore        2,293       Penang           2,600       Batavia          2,825       Rangoon          3,300    Siberia:       Vladivostok      1,000    Arabia:       Aden             6,000    Africa:       Zanzibar         6,476       Alexandria       7,600       Capetown         8,320    Australia & New Zealand:       Brisbane         4,955       Sydney           5,429       Melbourne        6,005       Auckland (N.Z.)  6,693    Pacific Islands:       Honolulu         4,409       Suva             5,385    American Ports  West Coast:       Seattle          5,289       Victoria         5,230       San Francisco    5,491       Los Angeles      5,673       Panama           9,120    Valparaiso           11,149    American Ports:       East Coast     Via     Via                     Suez     Panama       New York      12,405   10,684       Quebec        12,177   11,720       N. Orleans    13,650    9,998    India:       Colombo          3,900       Calcutta         4,067       Madras           4,450       Bombay           4,753       Karachi          5,236    Europe:       Athens           7,963      Constantinople   8,084       Brindisi         8,218       Odessa           8,248       Genoa            8,739       Marseilles       8,800       Barcelona        8,888       Gibraltar        9,199       Cherbourg       10,330       Southampton     10,342       Liverpool       10,504       London          10,541       Antwerp         10,721       Rotterdam       10,746       Hamburg         10,968       Bergen          11,147       Gothenburg      11,120       Copenhagen      11,252       Leningrad       11,82,3                  Via     Via                Suez     Panama       Havana         13,165     9,699       Trinidad       12,530     9,820       Rio de Janeiro 14,450    13,670