Industrial,Commerciel And Financial Notes


A Boom in Sandbags: Importers fortunate enough to have on hand big supplies of gunny sacks are amongst the few who have done a roaring business in Shanghai during the past five weeks. There has been a hitherto unprecedented demand for these lowly articles of trade in this city since hostilities started with their accompaniment of misdirected bombs and shells and flying fragments of shrapnel.

Not only have they been needed as sandbags in constructing defensive works on the boundaries of the International Settlement and French Concession, but business men in all parts of the city, desiring to carry on business as usual, have purchased large quantities to block up the lower windows and protect the entrances of their offices and buildings with sandbags. Shanghai at the moment presents a truly remarkable spectacle, suggesting a beleaguered city, which, in effect, it is.

What surprises us is that such large stocks of gunny sacks were available, but it must be remembered that all exportation of the products for which these articles are used is at a standstill, which is fortunate for those needing sandbags to protect their premises.

Business as Usual in Shanghai: The unbeatable spirit of Shanghai's business men and women is well displayed in the present emergency by the way they are living up to their slogan of "Business as Usual," in spite of the most trying conditions and the fact that there is very little business to be secured.

On every hand one notices that offices and shops, though boarded up or protected with piles of sandbags, are open, and the people in them are ''carrying on.'' They are making business where one might well say no business exists.

This phase of this city's activities is by no means confined to foreign residents, but is also noticeable amongst the Chinese, who in many ways have been the greatest sufferers during the past few weeks. Recentlv the Chinese Chamber of Commerce issued strong recommendations to its members to take down the boards from their shop fronts and open up with the same slogan of "Business as Usual."