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The names and headstones of Soong Ching Ling Memorial Park

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WenHuiBao , 1938

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Tales of Old China

Welcome. This website stores words and images from Old China, mostly the era between 1840 to 1950 when China and the West were struggling to come to terms with each other. It is the contrasts and cultural clashes between the two worlds that are at the heart of this website, and we hope you enjoy what we have collected. The links on the left, under the Oriental damsel, will lead you through the site. The buttons on the right suggest some of the content we like best. The library contains the full texts of books from and about Old China. The Postcard archive has hundreds of images, fully searchable. Also, please look at the Money page.

This site will never be finished. We add to it when we have time. If you would like to contribute material, or help in the maintenance of the site, please contact us.

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Observation and experience have led to the belief that for foreign residents the average cost of living in Shanghai is about the same as for similar living conditions in the cities of the United States. The old days of a free and easy Orient are gone. The cost of food is now at its highest mark on record. The shortage of foreign accommodations has forced rents to a high point. Servants, popularly supposed to be very inexpensive, are cheaper than domestic help in America, but wages are steadily increasing and this, together with the necessity of maintaining several to do the work of one American servant, makes this item one of importance to the householder. wholesale nfl jerseys wholesale golf nfl jerseys Wholesale jordan shoes cheap wholesale clothing cheap wholesale jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Buy Replica Handbags Cheap nfl jerseys Discount Mbt shoes wholesale news from china

(Written by an expat around 1900)