Attempted Explanations
H. Smith Chinese Characteristics, 1894
The history of foreign diplomacy with China is largely a history of attempted explanations of matters which have been deliberately misunderstood.

Comfort's Needs
J.O.P. Bland Houseboat Days in China
It is a curious fact that as the flesh-pots of the white man in China have waned in their fatness, as the conditions of his life have gradually come to conform more closely to the standards of the lands which sent him forth, as the profitable hazards of the game have grown less, so has the candle of his comfort's needs waxed ever greater.

British energy
Isabella Bird 1897
(Shanghai), in spite of dark shadows, is a splendid example of what British energy, wealth, and organising power can accomplish.

Matter in the Wrong Place
J.O.P. Bland Houseboat Days in China
At the best of times, and giving him all facilities, there is a wide gulf between the Chinaman's standard of cleanliness and ours. He endorses that scientific definition of dirt which calls it matter in the wrong place, and his philosophy teaches him that, sooner or later, the wanderer will find its way home without the help of man.