The American Concession

As Mr. H. B. Morse points out in The International Relations of the Chinese Empire, "the American Settlement was not created, but just 'growed.'" The American merchants lived in the English Settlement, but some of the missionaries, seeking cheaper accomodation, purchased land for residences in Hongkew (Hongkou), across Soozhou Creek. On the arrival of the first official Consul of the United States in February, 1854, he made his residence there and raised his flag in this American Settlement. It was some time, however, before the American Settlement's boundaries were defined. The settlement consisted of the American Episcopal Church Mission, the Shanghai Dock, some wharves, and some establishments for the entertainment of sailors. It was justly called "the Cinderella among the settlements."

In 1863 the American Settlement was amalgamated with the British, and the International Settlement came into existence.