Missionary (WCA) - Andrew ill and compelled to go to Japan for his health

August 28, 1878


-- Rev. A. Stritmatter, of our Kiukiang mission, has been compelled to go to Japan in hopes of temporary relief from ill health. He has lung disease and does not hope to recover. He thus announces to the Corresponding Secretaries his determination to die at his post: "When I came to China I had a robust constitution, and a fair prospect for a long life of missionary service, and it was my ardent desire to spend forty or fifty years on the field before the Master called me home. But I have lost my health by unavoidable exposure during country tripping, so that now I am only the wreck of what I was five years ago. Still, by proper care, I trust to lengthen out my life so as to be able to do some work yet, and it may be that God intends me to live much longer than the doctors do. In any case, I can leave my life in his hands, working so long as strength and energy are left me, and laying down my burden when his time comes. I should be sorry to die before I had accomplished any thing in my line of duty, and so far I have done very little -- and if it is the will of God to extend my life, I trust he will give me grace to make it a useful one. I have no thought of going home to America; I prefer to die at my post."